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A frequent lecturer at medical institutions, symposia, and plastic surgery forums in New York City and across the country, Dr Latrenta is also the author of numerous articles on plastic surgery and two definitive medical texts which have become classics for doctors-in training.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2nd Edtion, 2 Volume Set 1994

This text, written with Thomas Rees, MD, has been considered for decades by many as the "Bible" of cosmetic surgery. It is thoroughly illustrated and discusses all topics in aesthetic plastic surgery. The first volume, written and edited by Thomas Rees, MD,   discusses nasal surgery. The second volume, written and edited by Gregory Latrenta, MD, discusses facial, eyelid, and eyebrow surgery, chemical peel, breast enhancement, reduction, lift and reconstructive surgeries, as well as liposuction and abdominoplasty. There is a special section written by Dr Latrenta concerning cosmetic facial bone surgery with cheek and chin implanys. Heavily illustrated with over 1,950 figures, including 550 in full color.

Atlas of Aesthetic Face&Neck Surgery  2004 

This full-color atlas, part of a series of Atlas's for which Dr Gregory Latrenta was editor-in-chief,  zeroes in on the practical, "how-to" guidance surgeons need to achieve optimal outcomes for a full range of aesthetic problems in facelift and necklift patients. At one point, this text was the most commonly sold textbook in cosmetic surgery. The 2004 Edition includes more than 395 outstanding  original illustrations.